quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2011

Jimmy Rogers - That's Alright (The Blues Colection 54)

01 - Goin' Away Baby
02 - Today, Today Blues
03 - That's All Right
04 - The World Is In A Tangle
05 - Money, Marbles And Chalk
06 - She Loves Another Man
07 - Back Door Friend
08 - Left Me With A Broken Heart
09 - Blues All Day Long
10 - Act Like You Love Me
11 - Chicago Bound
12 - You're The One
13 - Walking By Myself
14 - My Baby Don't Love Me No More
15 - This Has Never Been
16 - My Last Meal
17 - You Don't Know
18 - Rock This House


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cisdeepak disse...

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